See Hidden Saved Password in Web Browser

It is hard to remember the username and password for the every website you join. Web Browsers can make it simple for you. Whenever you login to a website, web browsers ask you, ‘Do you want to save the username and password for this website?’ You say, ‘Yes!’ and thus the username and password gets stored in the Password Manger of your web browser.

You want to know the saved password of a website for some purpose now. You go to the login page of that website, but there you only see the username and ****** instead of the password. What you can do? There are two options. You can either open the password manager of your web browser or you can simply inspect the HTML elements that web page. I will explain these both methods for Chrome web browser.

Use Password Manager to See Hidden Saved Password

  1. Open Chrome web browser.
  2. Click on the options icon and go to the Settings. Or type this address chrome://settings/ in the address bar of your Chrome and hit enter to open Settings.
  3. Scroll and come to the bottom of that page. There you see Show advanced settings…. Click on that option.
  4. You will see some more settings. Scroll down the page again and look for Passwords and forms.
  5. Did you see Manage passwords link? Click.
  6. You can see all your saved credentials in this window. Website name, then the username for the website and the hidden password for it.
  7. Use the search box to find the website for which you want to see the hidden password.
  8. Click on the hidden password. You will see the option show at the right corner. Click on show. Chrome will ask you for the windows password. It is the password that you use to login to your computer or laptop.
  9. Enter the password to see the hidden password.

Inspect Element to See Hidden Password in Web Browser

This is the alternative method to see the hidden password. I am writing this for Chrome web browser, but it will also work for other web browsers too.

Hidden Password

Inspect Element to See Hidden Password in Web Browser

  1. Open the website and come to the login page. You will see ******** instead of password.
  2. Click on the Password field and then right click. Select Inspect element from the options. The option is at the bottom.
  3. You will see input type=”password” in the inspect element window. Delete the word password and type show instead of it.
  4. Click somewhere else to see the change. You will instantly see the hidden password in password field. You do not need windows password to see the hidden passwords using this method.

Use the comment box, if you face some problem implementing this technique or you can share the alternative method that I still do not know.

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