Free Radio Recorder for Computer

Tunein is a very popular radio player for smart phones, but they do not have a computer software. You also have to buy Tunein Pro to record radio shows. If you are looking for a free radio recorder for computer, then try RadioSure . It is a free software for PC. RadioSure also has a pro version, but free version itself allows you to racord radio stations. Let’s have a look on some features of RadioSure (Free Version).

Free Radio Recorder

Free Radio Recorder for Computer (PC) – RadioSure

Features of Free Radio Recorder (RadioSure)

  1. Thousands of Radio Stations.
  2. Search for your favorite stations and save them as favorite.
  3. You can manually add online radio url.
  4. RadioSure automatically updates its database every week.
  5. Smooth switching between two stations (Crossfade).
  6. You can record two radio stations simultaneously.
  7. RadioSure is smart enough to record and save each song separately.
  8. Avoid duplicate recording. (Recording Options).

I do not know any better alternative for RadioSure. It is the best computer software for playing online radio and recording it for free. What is your opinion? Please share your thoughts.

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